Petrol stations

 There's a wide range of choices waiting for you in Port Świecko. At your disposal are stations:

  • BP (with Wild Bean Cafe)
  • Orlen
  • Circle K
  • E100
  • Barbara
  • Moya

Our offer is a confirmation that a low price does not exclude high-quality fuel.

Carrefour Express – grocery store

Taking a break to fill up with fuel is also a great time for quick shopping. Here you will find a wide range of snacks, drinks and fresh food. All at hand and in one place. Top up your reserves on the way!

restaurant, rotisserie chicken

We know and value good cuisine. Here you have a chance to taste it. In our restaurant, you will find real homemade flavours. Dumplings, meat and fish dishes, as well as freshly baked cakes, are just a few of the menu suggestions. Fast food lovers are invited to a real burger in a meat or veggie version. If it's still not the taste you're looking for, you may be tempted to try the rotisserie chicken?

Automotive shop

Your driving comfort is our concern, so we invite you to visit our shop. There you will find a wide range of car parts, accessories, batteries, oils and filters of renowned brands. Professional service and advice on choosing the right parts for cars and vans are guaranteed.

ESA Trucks - DAF Service

Since 2014, Port Świecko is also authorized and officially launched DAF service in Poland. The specificity of our facility allows us to operate the latest tractors.


Car Wash

 It's a modern and perfectly localized car wash, located near the A2 Motorway exit. This makes it popular and often used by truck drivers. We offer four tunnels equipped with the most modern automatic washing gate systems.

Tyre shop

Many unexpected situations may happen on the road. We have anticipated this, which is why our services also include replacing and repairing tyres. Our staff offers quick and professional assistance.


Port Świecko also cooperates with Sindbad, which is one of the largest transport companies in Europe. The convenient location has made our station an ideal stop on many coach routes.

Pallet Collection Point and CB Radio

We carefully listen to our customers' needs and this service in our offer is a perfect example of this. In Port Świecko, there is a point where you can deliver used pallets and CB Radio equipment. In this way, you can easily solve the problem of unnecessary and overdue items. Everything quickly and at a good price!


Currency Exchange

Our customers willingly and often use the services of our cantor. Undoubtedly, this is an advantage of a convenient location, which allows for making a stop. We guarantee expert support and favourable prices.

Phone Service

Among the comprehensive range of services, this one could not be missing. A broken phone, especially on the road, makes communication impossible. We will quickly diagnose the problem and fix it!

Carrefour Express
Circle K
Sindbad - Międzynarodowe Przewozy Autokarowe
>E100 - karty paliwowe dla Twojej firmy
Moya - Sieć Stacji Paliw MOYA
Wild Bean Cafe
Bankomat & Wpłatomat Euronet
Punkt via TOLL